June 15

Are You being too damned hard on yourself?


If you are a human being then you probably are!


It seems to me that this is part of human nature.


We expect too much of ourselves and this can badly drag us down.


Ambition, the desire to achieve great things is natural.


We are designed to work, to have purpose


and when we find purpose in something it can be wonderful.


We can throw ourselves wholeheartedly into achieving results.


Unfortunately, we often seem to just end up judging ourselves too harshly.


We beat ourselves up for what we perceive are our shortcomings.


‘Why can’t you just meditate for even 10 minutes without your mind wandering??’


‘You’re hopeless! Look at that flabby tummy, it’s disgusting!!’


Try thinking about what you would say to a friend in your situation.


Chances are you would use much kinder words,


you would be encouraging, maybe tell them to look at how far they’ve come,


or to look at all the other things they are also dealing with in their lives.


Let’s try using similar language when we speak to ourselves!


Trying for too much perfection is disheartening.


Comparing yourself unfavourably with other people is unfair – they have completely different lives and histories.


Focusing on the wrong things is a waste of time and counter productive –


  • Like mowing the lawn when the house is on fire!
  • Worrying about eating only organic food whilst overeating calories
  • Obsessing about drinking 2 litres of water a day while drinking several bottles of wine at the weekend
  • and so on……


Focus on:

  • calories – getting them about right – no need to track, unless you want to.
  • Sleep – getting enough of it!
  • Stress – managing it with meditation, exercise, play – things we have talked about last week.
  • Exercise – moving enough! Make it enjoyable as well




A good program today is better than a perfect program tomorrow


Be kind to yourself, be forgiving of yourself.


Take things slowly, one step at a time,


That is the key to lifelong results.



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