July 6

Are Superfoods A Thing?


I often get asked about so called ‘superfoods’.


Should we be eating fermented vegetables or drinking coconut water?


The problem is that more and more foods are acquiring ‘health halos’


Where claims are made that a certain food or drink will bring a certain health benefit.


Terms like, ‘natural’, ‘organic’, ‘sugar free’, ‘fat free’, even ‘gluten free’ are all ‘health halos’


‘Protein’ has now become one as well.


So to ‘superfoods’;


There are no foods out there that have an instant, dramatic, beneficial effect on our health!


We do know, of course that there are foods that are more nutritious than others.


There are foods that are lower in calories per 100g than others.


We know that foods closer to their natural state – less processed – will typically be more nutritious and contain less calories.


These foods then should make up the majority of our diet.


Foods like lean meats, nuts, seeds, pulses, legumes, fruits and vegetables.


We do not need to rush out and buy probiotics to improve our gut health,


if we eat a wide variety of fruit and vegetables along with other fibre rich grains and pulses then our gut health will be fine.


The more varied the range of these foods we eat, the more diverse our gut microbiome will be.


We do not need to waste money on ‘juice cleanses’ or other ‘detoxes’


The liver does a very good job of handling this and we can help keep that healthy by not overdoing the alcohol and fat!


The beauty of a healthy diet comes from the variety and the wide range of nutrients we include.


The important things to focus on for health are eating a varied diet, rich in unprocessed foods, getting plenty of sleep and walking as much as possible.


So, instead of getting sucked in by a health halo or the latest detox fad, think about food.


What do you enjoy eating?


If you don’t like blueberries, why eat them? There are plenty of other fruits to choose from.


Remember the saying ‘Variety is the Spice of Life’?


Eat as wide a variety of these foods as you can for optimum health.





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