Hi, I'm Jonny Landels. I love musicals, craft beer and great coffee ☕️ 

Welcome to Next Step Nutrition, it's great to have you here. 

I'm not your average PT or health coach and NSN is devoted to help you live your life to the max. 

On all counts: physical, mental, emotional, social health. It all matters here.

You see, I've been at both extremes of the spectrum. I've been overweight and unhappy with my body and my relationship with food...

And I've been shredded like an iceberg lettuce on a poor Caesar salad with an even poorer relationship with food.

I now live the middle ground. I worked on my relationship with food, my disordered eating habits and found the perfect balance between being happy with how I looked, how I performed and how I ate both inside and outside the house.

And now I'm here, with my team, helping you do the same.

How I can help you

So what's in it for you? I'm glad you asked.

This site has many blogs on health and fitness. Not just how to count your macros or why protein is important. But why clean eating sucks, how to improve your relationship with food, discovering intuitive eating and more.

My podcast, Next Step Espresso, is a daily <10 minute shot of mindset/nutrition/fitness with a longer episode every Friday where I interview a guest or shoot the shit with Coach Shaun.

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Because there really are too many BS merchants in this industry, my team and I are devoted to tackling them head on! So you'll only receive and see evidence-based information that's up-to-date and accurate.

You may be wondering where the love of musical theatre comes in!?

Well, if you've found me from Instagram, you'll see I've coined the "singing nutritionist".

I'm trained and worked as a professional musical theatre actor in a former life.

I now use these skills in my content and my coaching.

If you head over to my Instagram, you'll see the occasional funny song, there are some on YouTube too. 

But this also helps me with my presenting and public speaking work.

It also means if you want to get me a gift certificate to the West End, I won't say no. 

Working with NSN

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