January 15

About Mr Next Step


You know how most people are confused about diet and exercise?


We provide simple plans that cut through the confusion to help you become happier, healthier and fitter.


There’s no bullshit here. No quick fix. No “6 weeks to 6 pack abs”. Just real advice, coaching, and accountability, that brings real results. That’s where we come in. We’re not about ‘diets’, We’re about lifestyle changes that make a big difference.




Next Step Performance began in 2016 in order to help make diet and exercise simple for you. There are so many confusing messages out there it can be hard to know what’s right for you, it became my mission to solve this for you.


We specialise in working with yo-yo dieters who want to escape the diet cycle and corporate athletes who struggle to balance fitness with their busy schedules.


I’m Jonny Landels, Strength & Conditioning Coach and founder of Next Step Performance. I’m also a casual cricket player, film enthusiast and dog lover (obviously).


I’m also a business owner and a previous yo-yo dieter. I know how it feels to be up against the wall with time commitments and priorities and understand the need for a simple plan to follow that brings results.


I also know how it feels to try fad diet after fad diet and not see success. The problems you are facing now, I’ve face them too and have overcome them.


In short, I’ve been there too.


Why Listen To Me?


I am an MNU-Certified Nutritionist and OPEX Fitness CCP Coach. This means I have been educated to the highest level on both nutrition and fitness coaching from the world’s best sources of information.


I was recognised by Online Fitness Business as one of the UK’s top Online Nutrition Coaches and I’m regularly on BBC Radio as one of their experts in nutrition and fitness.


Not only that, but I combine this education with real-world experience working with people just like you. I can change your life and give you the tools necessary for you to maintain your results.


There are no quick fixes. There’s no magic bullet. The only thing that exists are principles and how you can apply these to your lifestyle.


For you corporate athletes out there who want a simple, individual solution to your fitness problems, then you should check out my 1-1 online training.


For you yo-yo dieters, you’ll find a step by step, group program that helps you lose fat and teaches you how to keep it off in just 8-weeks by going to Project Puck Faleo


Are you ready to take the Next Step with your fitness?


Download Our Free Video On Overcoming Cravings

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