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10 Jam Packed Fat Loss Videos

10 guided coaching videos full of useful information that's simple and can be applied to your life right now. (Value £500)

Simple Recipe Books

Make your goals an absolute breeze by following the exact recipes our 1-2-1 clients use to drop fat easily and keep it off for life. These recipes are all delicious, simple and can be cooked in under 30 minutes flat. Without the need for a billion ingredients. (Value £10)

Advanced Troubleshooting Resource Sheets

Obstacles happen. Cravings come along. How much food do you eat? But what do you buy? How do you overcome sabotage? How can you break free from bingeing? All of these, and more, are answered with our ultimate collection of client resource sheets. You get access to these throughout the course. (Value £100)

Progress Trackers

Keep on track and stay consistent with your new action skills and never fall off the wagon ever again. (Value £50)

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I know what you're thinking...

“This is just another weight loss scam that promises the world but doesn’t deliver. It won’t work for me”.

I know this world is filled with diets, shakes, supplements and scams that are only out to take your money and leave you confused and broke.

But here are some people just like you that have found success with this course:

Stijn Cauwels

Great information with humour!

"When you want to step away from tracking every single calorie you put in your mouth, this is a course you should definitely follow!


Everything is broken down into smaller parts, making it easy to apply and more importantly, stick to it.


Jonny's 8 simple rules for life long weight loss really are the only rules you need to keep the weight off!"

Toby Green

I have eaten cookies, ice cream, pizza, noodles and I haven’t felt bad about myself.

Since starting the course towards the end of May I have lost over 6kgs and it honestly feels like I haven’t even tried. 

I feel good about myself because I achieve my small targets every day.

If you’re honestly sick of dieting. Sick of starting over. This is the course for you.

Gwyneth Alice

Best of all, I can eat the food I love, enjoy meals out and drinks with friends

Before doing Jonny's course I was "on and off" eating well, feeling guilty when I decided I hadn't been eating well. I'd come to a point where I wanted to lose a little body fat but didn't want to restrict myself so much that I couldn't enjoy life. I love my food. 

Since starting Jonny's course I have put 1-2 habits a week in place. I'm eating more protein and more fruit and veg. I'm eating slowly and mindfully and I'm not feeling guilty or like I've "blown" anything. I've dropped 4kg in body fat since starting.

Here's Exactly What's In This Course


Module 1: Fat Loss 101

No more will you be taken advantage of by fad diets or miracle curing programmes. I'll bust the myths holding you back.


Module 2: Behaviour Change 101

We'll go through exactly how to break bad habits and build bulletproof ones.


Module 3: The 8 Habits

We'll go through 8 actionable habits that are simple and easy. We'll accompany these with resources and advice sheets to make change a breeze


Module 4: Next Steps

How do you keep the weight off? We'll tell you.

Got Questions? Good, that means you care!

How is it delivered?

This whole course is delivered through online videos and downloadable PDF resources

Will you provide me a meal plan?

There are example meal plans in the master resources folder for this course but there won’t be specific ones given out.

What if I need some help?

There is a Facebook community where you can connect with myself and a bunch of other like-minded people. That way you can share stories, ask questions and get support.

What if I don’t get results?

I have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you consume the course, do the work and you don’t get results, I’ll refund every penny.

How will I know if it’s working?

I will provide all of the information you need in how to track progress so you know whether this is right for you.

How long will it take?

As long as you want! You can work on this in your own time. It’s been designed to be watched slowly and actually used! There are practical assignments with each module so you can actually put this stuff into practice and get results!