November 9

5 Steps To Making Home Workouts Not Shit


Well, here we are back in lockdown with no gyms.

It can be very difficult with limited or no equipment.

Last time I had access to some 30kg dumbbells, but not this time.

So, I’ve purchased a mini band set and some resistance cables with handles.

Both fairly inexpensive from Amazon.

I think this probably puts me in the same boat as a lot of you.

So, how can we have meaningful workouts that are not rubbish?

1) Apply Differences In Your Tempo.

I am talking here about the pace of the movement.

If you find press ups easy, try slowing them right down.

3-4 seconds for each ascent and each descent.

You may be surprised at how much more difficult it becomes.

This can allow you to work at a 7 or 8 on the scale of perceived exertion.

That’s about 3 sets from failure.

It will give you a great chest and tricep workout.

This technique can be used for squats, lunges, table rows and so on.

You can also use it for loaded carry – fill some bottles with water.

Change your time under tension this way.

2) Add Volume.

If you are having to work with a lower weight than you are used to, add volume.

You do not have to take the travel time to the gym into account, this gives you more time to work out.

Use that extra time for extra reps.

3) Set A Structure.

If you can stick to an existing routine, that’s great.

If you workout when you would normally go to the gym, it keeps it easier.

If you need to change your routine, use reminders, calendars, time blocking;

Whatever works best for you.

Training on the same days and the same time means you do not have to rely on motivation.

Remember, will power and motivation are limited resources.

Make it as automatic as possible.

4) There Is No Need To Do Cardio.

You do not have to run.

You do not need to do burpees.

There is absolutely no need to force yourself to do exercise you do not enjoy.

Go for a good walk.

Do some low intensity cycling.

These are things you can also do with a friend.

I have set myself a target to cycle 500km this month.

I am using it to also raise money for movember.

5) Focus On Movement.

If you are injured, focus on rehab exercises.

Try something new; maybe yoga, pilates or core based training.

Try focussing on your breathing.

Pick up a new sport.

The key is to enjoy some variety and keep moving.

Perhaps pair up with a friend for an activity.

We are allowed to meet one other person outside, make the most of that.


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