November 16

5 Steps To Beat Sabotage Mode


Sabotage mode is hands down the biggest thing that holds us back from our diet and fitness goals.

It is very easy to say ‘fuck it’ and overeat.

It may be because we feel progress is too slow.

Possibly because we are fed up with working really hard when others don’t seem to need to.

Whatever the reason may be, here are 5 tips to help;

  1. Adopt A Flexible Mindset.

You can and should eat the foods you love and want to eat.

Know that your choices over a period of time are much more important than your choices moment to moment.

One night of overeating or one big meal will not cause you to gain fat.

Fat gain is caused by weeks and months of overeating.

Our bodies can deal with higher and lower calorie amounts day to day.

Your weekly or monthly calorie average is the important thing.

You can easily recover from one period of overeating.

Do not forget, you will have days when you are more active and burn more calories.

You will naturally be more hungry on those days.

If you are tracking your calories and see yourself going over by a couple of hundred, do not let this be an excuse to blow out.

You haven’t blown it until you actually blow it.

2. Re Check Your Whys.

There is always more than one reason for wanting to change.

Wanting to lose weight to look good is fine, but then why?

Is it perhaps because you’re running out of clothes to wear?

Are you finding you have no energy to do things with your kids?

Do you want more confidence when you go out?

Are you concerned about staying fit and active as you get older?

Ask yourself why you want to change;

When you have your first answer, ask yourself why that is important to you.

Repeat this 5 times – write it down!

You will find a much deeper, more personal reason that will help you when the going gets tough.

3. Notice and Name

As you become aware of your habits and behaviours, you will see where your triggers are.

Your trigger events that lead to overeating and your trigger foods.

You will learn what times you are more likely to be stressed, sad or lonely.

What feelings are more likely to cause you to overeat.

What days or times of day you are more likely to overeat.

This knowledge will empower you to start to change your behaviours.

4. Find Joy

What do you do at the moment, just for the sheer enjoyment you get from it?

The fun we get from play is key to reducing stress and overwhelm.

Yes, exercise is great for helping us to feel good, but have something else that you do just for pleasure.

It could be dancing, singing, doing a puzzle, walking, relaxed cycling, gaming – the important thing is the enjoyment.

This will also give you something else to do when you are bored, lonely, sad or stressed.

5. Eat What You Truly Want

I am not talking about giving in to every craving.

Overeating, so called ‘blow outs’, often come after periods of very strict dieting.

We shoot ourselves in the foot on a Friday night after a week of being ‘really good’.

You can easily blow a week of progress in a weekend of overeating.

If you really want a food, then build it into your planned eating.

Make healthy eating fun and enjoyable too.

Pizza, Fajitas, Curries, Roast Dinners at Mum’s, Pasta, Shepherd’s Pie;

All of these and more, can and should be enjoyed as part of a healthy, balanced diet.


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