March 30

3 Ways to maintain muscle in a lockdown


We are all quarantined and the gyms are closed, what do we do for our gains? The gains train will not be stopped, the gains train will continue to leave the station. Fear not my fellow Bros. You don’t need to worry about losing your muscle mass during this quarantine. If you still manage to train three to five times per week, or maybe more if you need to. Then you will be fine.


You may not make massive amounts of progress, but during this time, that shouldn’t be the goal, the goal should be to maintain the progress that you have been making up until this point.


Step One, do some kind of training, three to five times per week. Maybe you don’t have any weights because you missed the boat on buying home equipment and it’s all sold out. Don’t let that become an excuse, simply use your bodyweight doing things like push ups, table rows, towel rows Try bent over rows with your suitcase, with your rucksack or even with your shopping bags use these also for doing squats, lunges or single leg squats.


All of these things are possible. If you don’t want to use your rucksacks or suitcases or shopping bags to add weight, then you can simply slow the tempo right down and add resistance, as well as difficulty, that way. So, do some kind of training against resistance, three to five times per week. 30 to 45 minutes is all that you will need.


Step two is to make sure that you continue eating your protein with each meal, and even start taking creatine monohydrate, if you haven’t been already. Both of these things, eating protein with each meal and taking creatine, combined with this training against resistance will help with retaining your muscle mass. Again, we’re not looking to build here. We’re simply looking to maintain what you’ve got up to this point.


Step Three – the magical pill that we’re all looking for is sleep!  Make sure you’re getting your sleep in. For those of you that are working from home for the first time ever you are establishing a new routine, effectively creating a working week. Sleep routine is absolutely key,  go to bed at the same time, wake up at the same time, make sure you’re getting seven to nine hours, make sure it’s really high quality sleep as much as you can.


Go to bed at the same time, wake up at the same time each day.


Reduce your blue light exposure in the evening,  wear blue light blockers, apply red light filters to your laptop and your phones. Make sure you de-stress by playing games, journaling, meditating, whatever works best for you. Try not to worry about things outside of your control.  All of these things will improve your sleep, improve your recovery and also reduce your stress. This in turn is going to be massively key in maintaining your muscle tissue, that’s going to be secret step number four.


Bonus Step Four!! is keeping your stress levels down and reducing stress where possible. Keeping stress to a minimum is going to help with retaining your muscle tissue and reducing any bloating and water retention that can happen. This then helps make sure that you stay healthy and happy.


Don’t be worried if you do feel like you’re losing some muscle strength or muscle tension. Muscle memory is a real thing.


As soon as you return to your normal training regime, when all of this is over, your muscle will come back relatively quickly. As will your gains and your strength, so don’t worry, and don’t stress about losing too much through this period. Enjoy this period of having a lower training intensity and potentially a lower frequency.


Try using this time to just go out and move, be outside when you can, for that one walk a day, get the sun exposure that’s there at the moment, enjoy the time off of the gym. Keep yourself at a low level of stress and set yourself up for an even bigger gains train when the gyms do reopen.


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